Exceptional, natural dentures to restore a beautiful smile

Our dentist Anna Lang has a special interest in provision of natural dentures. She has a great enthusiasm for this treatment option and has undergone training and gained much experience in making both partial and full dentures. Anna is a member of the BSSPD (British Society for the Study of Prosthetic Dentistry).

Natural smiles –  Happy Clients, Happy Dentists


‘ The method adopted by Mrs. Lang can be described as friendly and professional, explaining each stage of the process in great detail. She seeks to achieve as natural a look as possible, communicating closely with the patient with this in mind. She shows impressive attention to detail and has an expertise in this branch of dentistry. I was very pleased with the final result.’

S. K. on completing denture treatment with Mrs Lang

Worldwide hundreds of millions of people wear some form of denture and there are over 11 million in the UK alone, that’s one in 4 of the adult population. So you’re by no means alone.

It is no longer necessary for dentures to look false. I can develop, with you, a highly attractive and cosmetic denture allowing you to look good, and feel confident and attractive. I will guide you through the process and design a denture for you, based on the principles of a natural smile. You will be fully involved and we will help you to choose an arrangement, colour and shape of teeth to suit you perfectly. This takes a little time but we have many delighted patients wearing our dentures – not that you would know that they are dentures.

If you would like to make an appointment for an initial consultation please ring our team on 0141 339 5343 or email info@coiaandassociates.com.

I am also happy to offer a referral service for this treatment option from other dentists. Your own dentist can contact me for information via the home page of the website.

For more information on the techniques I use please click on www.enigmacosmeticdentures.com