Dental Problems overseas

We aim to take care of your dental needs and prevent dental pain but unforeseen incidents can occur.

Private or NHS Patients

If you have a dental problem while overseas we are happy to give advice over the telephone. Do call the practice to let us know your return date and we will arrange to see you as soon as you are back. Hotel management is often a good port of call for contact with local dentists for relief of pain.

Denplan from Simplyhealth Professionals patients:

One of the benefits of Denplan is cover for emergencies while overseas.

If you have a dental emergency overseas contact 0044 196 2844999.

Denplan are able to advise and help find a local dentist. You will be entitled to temporary treatment up to £450.00 per incident and can claim back up to £900.00 per year and the cost of the phonecall to Denplan (up to £17.00). The dentist overseas will charge you so be prepared and keep the receipt to claim the money back. Refer to your supplementary insurance document which is updated yearly.